Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I be assigned a specific family to build a hamper for?

We are unable to give out family profiles for several reasons:

1- Confidentiality:  We are unable to give out specific details (age, gender, numbers, etc) for confidentiality reasons.  Some families have unique family profiles and we are not able to share this information to protect their privacy.  

2- Equality:  Our goal is to distribute fair and equal hampers to those in need in our community.  When specific family profiles are assigned, distributed hampers vary greatly in donation quality and quantitiy, depending on who built it and what resources they were willing to put towards it.  

3- Logistics:  We are anticipating assembling and distributing 630 family hampers (assisting 1900 local residents) in our community this year.  Families can apply for a hamper up until a few days before we start assembling on December 9th, leaving us with very little time to assign these families to community members wanting to take on this task.  In addition, time and space constraints have encouraged us to create a very efficient process of assembling and distributing the hampers within our community, not giving us the capability to take on the additional task of ensuring specific hampers go to specific families.  


Q:  How do you determine who is eligible for a Christmas Hamper?

We are a local non-profit group and we do not have access to some of the private information of our hamper recipients.  Our hamper recipients sign up for a hamper at one of 2 local agencies: the Parkland Food Bank (for current food bank clients only), and at Spruce Grove Neighbourlink/Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) for non food bank clients.  These agencies are able to determine who needs help in our community, and process the applications which are then forwarded to us.  


Q:  Are you able to provide tax reciepts for donations?

We are unable to provide tax reciepts at this time.  We are a non-profit group under the umbrella of Kin Canada and we have taken on this project in our community on our own initiative, but are not a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency.  We DO provide 'donation reciepts' for monetary donations to the Christmas Hampers.  




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