Fundraising Ideas

Donation Collections and Fundraising Ideas

We are collecting non-perishable food (list available), gift cards to local grocery stores for perishables, new unwrapped gifts for children 0-17 (gift cards are ideal for kids 10+).  

The need is GREAT this year and the focus of the hampers will be food.


Team/staff/business challenges- come up with an idea and challenge others to do the same or beat:

  • Spruce Grove Girl Guides are helping out by challenging all units to bring in non-perishables
  • Make arangements to collect donations at a local grocery or retail store, and give out hamper information
  • One hockey team will complete 2 family’s hampers and challenge other teams to do the same or beat
  • A business challenging other like businesses to some kind of donation competition

  • Name ‘items of the week’ and rally staff to bring in as much as possible of that item that week; have different items the following week, etc.

  • Create a challenge of your choice!


Choose a theme- rally around an idea:

  • host a fundraiser BBQ to collect donations and display your community support for local residents in need
  • Everyone brings in a grocery store gift card for ‘Jean Fridays’ at work, build a gift card wreath with the donated cards

  • Build a tower of non-perishable food into something creative in your front lobby

  • Gambling fun- staff/players each bring in 5 scratch and win cards; internal selling of tickets for the lottery package and a winner is drawn, with proceeds to the Christmas Hampers

  • Work/team gift exchanges going towards the Hampers- can come up with a theme (Secret Santa- buy that person what they think they would have liked as a teenager, child, etc.)

  • Portion of sales of something going towards the Hampers, or giving a discount if people donate to your Christmas Hamper collection




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