• MAPLE LEAF OF DISTINCTION AWARD: This award is for members in their first two years in Kin. To become eligible, you must earn points by doing a number of things, such as attend social functions, travel to other clubs' meetings, speak at a meeting, work on a project, write an article for the bulletin, etc. The purpose of this award is to encourage new members to become involved in club activities early and often.
  • FOUNDERS AWARD FOR ACHIEVEMENT: This program is designed currently to challenge members of more than 24 months to be active in Kin. Participation in this program is more than an award - it is a meaningful experience. A member may enroll anytime after the first year of Kin, and the program monitors involvement over a three-year period.
  • GOLDEN GEM AWARD: This award recognizes any Kin who sponsors three new members within a 12-month period.
There are many other awards in Kin, some which must be competed for (for example the Public Speaking Award), and some which evolve from participation (Kin Member of the Year Award, etc.). We encourage our members to strive for awards as another way to become involved. Like life, the more you put into it, the more you receive.

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