Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

The best way to assist with the Christmas Hampers is to collect!  Non-perishable food, gift cards, gifts and monetary donations are what we need to support these families over the holidays.  In order to have a successful program, we need donations to match the need in our community.  

Our hamper assembly process takes just a short few days to complete.  Hamper assembly takes place during daytime hours and we are unable to accommodate large groups or young children at our facility (please see bottom of page for other areas to help with).  We have product for approximately 660 hampers in a confined space and have an efficient system of assembling hampers.

If you are able to help out during the following dates and times, please email Trina at merkel_trina@hotmail.com with your name, contact phone number and time you are able to assist. 

Please note that if needed, we shut down operations in order to evaluate and regroup.  The Kinette Christmas Hampers is a huge program that is donation-based, therefore, it is a very dynamic process that requires constant evaluation and change.  At certain times, we may ask volunteers to leave so that this may be done.  

Monday, Decmeber 11th from 1pm to 5pm:

  • All food and gift donations come into facility and we sort into food categories and into gift categories based on gender and ages
  • Begin to pack food portion of hampers in the afternoon

Tuesday, December 12th from 10am to 3pm:

  • Continue to build food hampers for the families
  • Purchase any food items missing from hampers to ensure all hampers are complete with same items

Wednesday, December 13th from 9am to 12pm:

  • Complete gift portion of hampers for the families
  • Double check all hampers are complete

Friday, December 15th from 1pm to 5pm:

  • Hampers are picked up



  • You can collect food items and unwrapped gifts as a team and bring down on donation day December 11th.
  • We have approximately 2000 flyers that need delivering to homes in Spruce Grove to remind them of the donation drop off date.  We deliver the flyers between November 12th and December 10th.  If your team can help out with flyer delivery let us know and we have some ready for you!



PO Box 3664, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada   T7X 3A9